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D’one named


Cherrypye aka Cherry-Ann Morgan (nee Davis) is a post-colonial, pan-African hybrid ethnographic creator from the Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. Her practice combines research, artistic inquiry and storytelling traditions through a feminist, anti-racist and decolonial lens. The tenant – “Story as Design and Design as Story” helps navigate the intersections of culture, postcoloniality and decoloniality, storytelling and memories, the pluriverse, creolization and Sankofa. Cherrypye shares stories with the aim of representing and respecting the past, while also looking to the future to sustain stories through accessible formats. Her explorations often manifest as visual design formats, writing and spaces to support, as well as to share knowledges beyond the common and predominant narratives in design.

Current Projects


“It is time that we become conscious and truly accept we own. Just remember your own thing comes first and charity begins at home. We must show more love for the things we own. For their future is our concern.”


Christopher “Tambu” Herbert